• Programmers – I really like to hire programmers from Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan (yes, yes … business relationships are sometimes unrelated to politics).

  • Designers – There are great designers in Spanish-speaking countries. From Argentina, Spain, and South America, these countries are rich in good designers.

  • In general, I love working with Ukrainians and Russians, they have self-discipline, they do a good job and want to work. It should be borne in mind that not everyone speaks English and that their prices go up almost every year.

  • Cheap sometimes comes out expensive – you don’t always have to take the cheap. Sometimes the expensive ones will do the job much faster and better quality. Don’t be tempted by the cheap price the teams offer you, on the contrary, it should light you a warning light …

  • Hours of work – Initially when first hiring a team, it is worthwhile hiring it on an hourly basis and setting the hour limit that you allow to work for your project in advance. Then when you already know and trust the team, you can work with it on a fix price or project basis. The reason for getting started with the new team on an hourly basis is to allow an immediate job break if you are dissatisfied with the team or work. That the goal is to move and work fix price so that you are closed in terms of the budget without exception.

In order to be able to move to a fix cost, a detailed requirements of the job you expect from the team, is mandatory. The team will not be able to agree on a project price without knowing exactly what to do.

  • Initial impression and gut feeling are usually correct – I already mentioned this, gut feeling is the best sign of adapting the team to your project. Just trust it…. and you will see that as you gain more experience, it will be the most effective screening tool ….