1. No one can be good at everything, it is very important to take this into account when there is a denial of the employee.

  2. You need to be aware of the difference between keeping your vision and letting your ego control you. This can be a serious problem for managers, and this problem can be traced throughout the project.

  3. Don’t be shy about hiring smarter employees. Many managers are afraid to look bad if they have smarter employees, that’s a wrong thought! Smart employees can greatly promote the project provided you are open to hearing other suggestions that may be much better than yours.

  4. Let your employees work in their most appropriate roles. Everyone has to do what is good about him. Don’t be afraid to change roles within the team to improve productivity.

  5. Delegating powers – not only is tight management good for work, it will never let you grow! Sometimes it is difficult for managers to give others a responsibility to do a certain job. In order to grow, you have to transfer jobs to others and only in this way you can free yourself time to plan the growth of your organization. A good manager should make his business work without it without his intervention.