End to End Software Development Project

Many of our clients wish to have a high degree of flexibility within their software development. Some customers know what they want to develop, but they are unsure what is the right way to do so. This is actually quite a common problem, especially among startup companies.

At Any-Dev, we indeed work with agile methods. This allows us to adapt according to the new requirements or needs which may arise along the way.

We offer End-to-End software development solutions for a broad range of needs. We offer everything, from project conceptualization to final delivery. We are committed to quality and satisfactory outcomes.

We design projects as per the requirement of our clients. We agree on the project timeline and the estimated cost during the requirement phase.

We consult our clients on how to have an in-depth idea of what they want to develop. We then provide a fixed cost and a proposed timeline for the project.

The timeline we propose naturally depends on the project needs. If a solutions has to be developed in a faster period of time, we’d then allocate greater resources, to satisfy the need.

Offshore Development Team

You may already have an in-house R&D department. However, you may need additional workforce to fulfill your needs. Due to the high costs associated with recruitment of local personnel, you may be looking for a cheaper alternative. Any-Dev comes to the picture to help you out.

We can provide developers as per your requirement. The remote R&D teams may be supervised by you, and under our management.

For a project to be successful with offshore development, we will carefully and thoroughly examine the project’s characteristics and needs. We’d then allocate or establish the development team which can best fulfill the project needs.

We would therefore like to discuss your needs with you: what would you like to develop, timeframe, and other requirements.


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