1. The first rule is not to compromise and to demand the best – show them how to do things better. You should not be angry with the employee for not doing the job as you expected, but it is very important to explain to him what you just wanted and how to improve his job for the next time. Many times, there are differences not only at the cultural level but in the way a customer feels satisfied. Require your employees the best job. Do not allow the employee to disappear without knowing where he is or when he will contact you. If you have an “undisciplined” employee, you need to have a serious conversation with him before you decide to fire him. Explain to him what you were disappointed with and what you expect him to change and improve. Most employees after such a call come back, those who continue with the same behavior – it is good to say goodbye to them. When the employee returns to work well, do not forget to say a good word about his work and the improvement that has taken place.

  2. Encourage them – Praise your employees for doing a good job and seeing and appreciating it. When someone has done a bad job you always have to comment on it. But it is important that the criticism is fair, professional and constructive.

  3. Fun atmosphere – You are the ones responsible for the atmosphere in the team. It is very important to work in a good, fun atmosphere. You can give a small bonus to the employees to get everyone in the mood. Occasionally put a smile on your staff. An occasional joke to your shared chat conversation can make a good mood…. You are the ones who set the culture in the organization, how you behave so the atmosphere is in your teams. In long-term projects, give a bonus is occasionally an outstanding employee.

  4. Be Adherent to Your Vision – You have the vision of your company and you need to instill that vision in your employees. At the same time, be open to others’ suggestions and don’t let your ego lock in on your idea without listening to others. You can see the overall picture from above, so you can often know better than others what to do. In conclusion, you should listen to the advice of others but remember to stick to your vision.