Any-Dev provides top-notch and yet affordable, software development services. Our management as well as technical leads are located in Israel.
Sales offices in UK and Israel.

Our global development teams are located in Europe, Asia and South America.

Combining remote R&D teams, with Israeli-based HQ, allows us to offer you top-notch R&D services, at affordable pricing.

Any-Dev was founded in 2012, and steadily grows since. We provide software development services to tens of businesses, ranging from smaller startups through SMBs to large enterprises. Most of our customers are located in Israel, and operate in a broad range of verticals.

We specialize in development of software solutions in the following verticals: Mobile Applications, Web Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Game Development, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality.

Build a Solid Technological Foundation with Any-Dev

The Greek philosopher Aristotle (384BC-322BC) once said:
“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

This also holds true for Any-Dev and its development teams. Our global teams are strategically spread across the globe, to provide our clients with a whole, which is greater than its parts. Here is why:

Any-Dev lets you work with teams that strives to provide solutions that help you do business faster, better, and smarter.

Inessa Katz, CEO

Inessa Katz is a technology enthusiast who loves to innovate. She is a software engineer, as well as an MBA graduate from the Open University of Israel.

In 2012 Inessa founded Any-Dev, which she CEOs since. Any-Dev provides software development services, via remote teams located in variety of geographies, including: Asia, Europe and South America.

Before founding Any-Dev, Mrs. Katz worked for market leaders in the Israeli hi-tech industry, where she developed her expertise as an integration specialist and a project manager.

Inessa leverages her technical skills to understand customers’ needs and product requirements. In her other hat, she utilizes her interpersonal skills, to establish and manage R&D teams, which in turn deliver effectively.

“I develop software to my clients as if it was for my own business”
Inessa Katz

“Managing distant teams of different geographies is quite a challenge. It is beyond just working with different time-zones. Rather, it is about communicating in different languages, and overcoming considerable cultural gaps.
Asians developers, for example, aspire for excellence. However, they are accustomed to a different code of behavior. Under normal circumstances, Asians would not overrule nor debate with their supervisor, whatsoever.”

“Throughout the years, I have continuously promoted effective communication with my teams. This in turn, increased their motivation and ability to work effectively, by sharing of their thoughts and opinions, even when we see things differently. Their feedback then became priceless.
Their freedom to try and express themselves (verbally or technologically), resulted in creative solutions to complex problems, which is beyond just a trivial added value.”

Inessa explains.

Throughout the years, Mrs. Katz has developed a well-established methodology for effective management of remote teams. Undoubtedly, this is one of the key ingredients for the long list of success stories, behind Any-Dev.


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