Before you start looking for teams, you need to consider whether you want to work with a local team, from abroad or that the country of origin is not material to you.

Local staff

o You both speak the same language

o You both have the same mentality

o Same work hours

o When necessary you can have a frontal meeting

o Most of the time, local teams will be more expensive and you probably can find cheaper teams offshore.

Conclusion – Having a local team, the management is usually easier, but the cost will be higher.

Offshore staff

o You will need to communicate with employees in a language that is usually not your native language.

o If you communicate with them in English, this is usually not their native language.

o Management will be virtual only, not meetable

o Mental differences

o Working hours can be completely different – for better or worse.

o Selection and number of teams are very large – for better or worse.

o Most often, cheaper teams can be found offshore.

Conclusion – Management will usually be more difficult but the cost will be lower. Anyone who decides to work with teams around the world must have particularly good management ability and great interpersonal communication ability.